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Award Winning Author Karen Dales Books

...The world that she's created is busting at the bosom with a sensual passion and chemistry... She has a gift of creating characters that you can truly relate to... This woman is a genius... masterful work of art has set its place amongst many of the other classics in today's literature...Also, this woman is the light of my life. Her radiant and welcoming smile alone makes buying the book worthwhile. I would gladly kiss the ground she walks on. I love you Ms. Dales! - E.G. Bailey

Love your books have read all the chosen series except the one you are currently working on. I am really looking forward to to the next installment. You pulled me in on the first book and i did not come up for air till i read the last short " The Guest" Now i have withdrawal symptoms going on..........Thank you for writing and sharing your gift with us and i look forward to any book you write in the future.

- Rebecca R

This is the first book that I have read by Karen Dales. At first I thought another typical vampire novel. The Angel of Death is one of the best vampire novels that I have read in a few years. Dales style in developing the characters through the book is excellent. The storyline is very well written. - Peter (5 Stars)

This [Shadow of Death] was the best of the series. - Autumn

This is the sequel to The Angel of Death [Shadow of Death]. If you like the first book than this a must. The saga continues with Notus and The Angel leaving their home soil and bound for North America. When they arrive they find out things are a little different on the other side of the ocean. Can Fernando and Bridget rescue them in time! The ending of this book took me completely by surprise. - Peter (5 Stars)

OOOO!!!!! I need more. Ready for book two no doubt about it. Kinda wish this was in book form rather than an ebook...but OMG!!!!! Great plot, great characters. Just loved it. Glad I read it. She makes you fall for Angel. I did..... - Stephani (4 Stars for Angel of Death)

Karen Dales takes us on a well told love story full of adventure. Her supernatural world is full of surprises in every corner. The ending of this book [Angel of Death] leaves the reading wanting to know what happens next.  - Sally H (4 Stars)

I was glad that I had the chance to read this book [Changeling] before the others. It provides such a detailed account of the main character's life...This book was just amazing! Great job, Karen Dales!! - Cindy (5 Stars)

This short story [The Guest] was awesome. I love the guest. It left me wanting more and I believe I will be purchasing the first book in the series, so I can read more. I totally would recommend this short story to anyone. It was very well written. - Wendy S. (5 Stars)

...the imagery is wonderful... This little snippet makes me want to dive right into the series and read more of Ms. Dales' work right away!

- Kristen K. (on The Guest) (5 Stars)

Incredibly well written and excellent descriptions, this short [The Guest] gives you just enough to leave you wanting more and to know how the story continues.  -  Claire T (4 Stars)

This book series is one of the best I've read. The hero is so unique that I'm amazed at the imagination of the author. I couldn't read fast enough and yet wanted to read slowly to draw out the story. This is definately a story your heart will get involved in. A truely fascinating story that I will be anxiously waiting for the next book, and the next, and the next. Well worth waiting for. :) - Pippin D.

I found The Guest to be rich in description and enough mystery to keep me reading. I don't give spoilers, but will say that this short story left me wanting to find out more. Very good. - Julie P.

This is the first book (Angel of Death) that I have read by Karen Dales. At first I thought another typical vampire novel. The Angel of Death is one of the best vampire novels that I have read in a few years. Dales style in developing the characters through the book is excellent. The storyline is very well written. - Peter  (4 Stars)

This book is an exceptional piece of literature that captivated me from the first page until the last.

As a first published work, Karen Dales has written a mature and emotional book that you must read to fully appreciate

the brilliance of the story. I compare her work to the Crow series by Jeri Smith-Ready. - Hockeyvamp

Incredibly well written and excellent descriptions, this short [The Guest] gives you just enough to leave

you wanting more and to know how the story continues. - Claire T. (4 Stars)

This first bit of Karen's writing [The Guest] has me hooked. Every step of this journey had me on the edge of my seat.

I couldn't wait to turn the page. Sad that is was over so soon but definitely makes me want to read more of her work!

- Scarlett B. (5 Stars)

An intriguing introduction to an interesting character and story. - Mangus F (5 Stars for The Guest)

I really liked this book [Angel of Death]. It had me guessing from start to finish. It is well written and I love the characters.

- crystal (4 Stars)

[Angel of Death] Fast paced and action packed. Good character development with out slowing down the action.

I found it a little slow only one time then back to action that kept me wondering how a situatiion was going to be resolved.

Kept me up past my bed time because I couldn't put it down at one point. She has given me characters that I care about and

want to see what happens next. I just bought the 2nd book and the prequel. I bought the book because of the low price.

Smart move pricing it low. You will get a lot of fans quickly this way.  - blair (4 Stars)

Brilliant tale [Angel of Death] with so many twists, just when I thought I knew where the story was going I was completely wrong-footed,

even to the very last words - although the ending definitely made me want to read more of the chronicles.

- Shirazee (5 Stars)

I do enjoy paranormal literature and came upon this series thinking I would read more of the same. Oh this book is a far cry from the typical

paranormal novel. Karen Dales weaves a tale of the coming of age of a young boy against a brutally harsh Celtic background. Her descriptive

language evokes a sense of being there for the reader. She explores the issues of fear, superstition, and cruelty as experienced by "Gwyn",

a boy born into a world that will never accept him as anything other than different. This is a powerful tale steeped

in Welsh history, filled with creatures of other worlds, yet the story is quite relevant for today's world. Being different should not mean being

less than, but Gwyn must struggle to find some worth, despite his marked differences. I had an almost visceral reaction to the anguish

that Gwyn experienced in the story. The events of his young life will leave you gasping in pain for him and yes,

you will shed tears, as you follow his life from birth to young man. I could not wait to read the next book in the series to find out what

happened to him. You will not be able to put this one down. - Sarahjane I. (5 Stars for Changeling)

I fell in love with Karen Dales' writing in The Changeling and am impressed with how she

has taken us on Gwyn's journey to a different time and place with the same brilliant attention to detail. Her writing is gritty and makes one

feel the intensity of the story as so few authors in this genre can. Gwyn is a character with so many layers...the hurt boy,

the abandoned child, the Fae, the Chosen, the son, the Angel of Death....who or what is he really?

The author takes us through the machinations of a good mystery as Gwyn searches for the culprit behind the poisoning of the Chosen.

The juxtaposition of the vulnerable man learning to open himself to love and the relentless warrior bent on

destroying evil is so well done. This is long tale, but one that will keep you enthralled as you read one more page and

then one more page into the wee hours to find out what happens next. Gwyn's story elicits strong emotion and you may find yourself crying out against injustices and weeping bitterly for this poor soul. Karen Dales leads us to a dark, frightening world and we struggle to make

sense of the forces behind Gwyn's very existence. This is a character who will resonate long after you are

done reading the book... a must read. On to Book 2. - Sarahjane I. (5 Stars for Angel of Death)

This is a short story; around a half hour to read, about Monks and their belief in reincarnation. ‘The Guest’ stands

alone but I understand contains a character from Dales ’Chosen Chronicles’ series. The content is very cryptic

keeping us wondering and guessing about who the guest really is until we manage to collect enough clues to ‘maybe’ work it out.

I found the story very emotional and touching and as a taster it has left me wanting to read more of this authors

work and find out for sure just who this character is. I will definitely be doing just that in the very near future.

- Jane Anne

Brilliant tale [Angel of Death] with so many twists, just when I thought I knew where the story was going

I was completely wrong-footed, even to the very last words -

although the ending definitely made me want to read more of the chronicles. 5 Stars

- Linda H.

I couldn't stop reading it [Changeling] till the end....and I'm hungry for more....intense from begining to the end....

good story... interesting characters.... 5 Stars - Marjana C.

OMG, I love your books! I am more than happy to loose sleep just to finish them!!

I pray you don't make me wait to find out what happens now. - Cindy

Loved it ...I think it might even rival GRR Martin (Game of Thrones) was even bolder than the first one.

I highly recommend this series to those who love a good mystery with a paranormal twist you won't see coming. - JD

I really liked this book [Shadow of Death]. One of the best reads I've experienced in a long time. I highly recommend this novel...

5 Stars - Loquacious T.

Great story [The Guest] that can be read on several levels. - Doug T.

The writing [The Guest] involves all the senses with evocative description of thought, actions and surroundings.

There’s a quiet level of unspoken conversation that wisely avoids any temptation to tell all. And there’s a convincing respect for difference.

I enjoyed this gently unsettling tale, short, intriguing, and just long enough for a good cup of coffee. 4 Stars - Sheela D.

Karen, I was never so happy to learn you wrote "The Guest' ... This is something more than a book. Something more

than professional. It is ancient laws, emotions, and rules of life which must not be altered for the good of the tribe.

Harsh, and heartbreaking, but necessary for continuation. Your style of writing is unique in itself,

but several times it reminded me of "The Mists of Avalon", by Marion Zimmer Bradley.

Such a book will go into the future as lessons of the ancients, never to be forgotten.

I applaud you. - Elysabeth F.

A delightful short story [The Guest] for the reader to ponder. Rather like a zen riddle in a way.

How would a vampire be received in different cultures. Is it possible that they could be held in high esteem

for their 'gifts.' Wonderful little story beautifully written and highly original. 5 Stars - Ed D.

A master piece that will awaken your Senses and keep on the edge of your seat and will leaving you wanting more! 5 Stars

- Kensangl

I finished reading your book, Changeling, earlier this evening. I absolutely loved it!

I've already begun reading Angel of Death. Your work is outstanding. I can't wait to read all of your books.

Adoring Fan, C.L.M.K

Oh Karen! I finished Shadow last night, and now I'm having withdrawals! Last night after finishing yours,

I tried to read at least 3-other books, to no avail... Typically, I start another book as soon as I finish one,

yet I still can't seem to move on. I don't think it's ever been quite like this for me,

and it's really weird, lol. You've totally ruined me for other writers, but it was worth it.

I may just go back reread them all! *winks* Thank you for such a fascinating world..." R.E.A

If anyone's interested in reading an amazing 'dark vamp' series that is sooo much more than just those two-words,

and far more than any vamp series I've ever read (and I've read hundreds),

you need to pick yourself up the 3-book set (more forthcoming) and check it out!

One of the most intricate, multi-layered, touching, (I truly could go on about it for a week

or so), writers I've ever had the pleasure of reading. No kidding peeps, if that good! No, it's even better!

Please check out the award-winning author, Karen Dales, and from the same Amazon page, get 'ta movin' and

buy her fabulous series for yourself while they're still only 99 cents each on Kindle! They're worth far more, and you will NOT regret it!

- Ressa Empbra, Author.

What can I say? OMG!!! This series is so gripping I read both books back to back non-stop in two days.

Holy Shit!!! I couldn't stop reading if I tried to. It still has me enthralled, shaken and gaping awaiting the third release.

Praying it comes sooner rather than later. I have to say this series has moved up into my top 5 favorites!

An outstanding 5 star series I ever read! *thumbs up* Karen Dales! ...

Please tell me the the third book is due to release soon??!! *crosses fingers* - DeAnna S.

Read one of your books. It'll stop the yawning and wake you up instantly. *Side effects may include: Inability to stop reading,

a raise in heart rate, trouble sleeping, and a longing for the next in the series." - Jaime J.

I loved Angel of Death and can't wait to start the second novel. - Kevin. W.

This book [Shadow of Death] is only the second best because the book before it was the best. Karen Dales is a writer beyond compare.

I have never wept so hard over a book in my entire life. Her characters are so tragic and so beautiful that you can't help but feel for them.

Her descriptions are so lively and intense that I read this entire book in one sitting, and then read it again and again and again.

A must have for any dark fantasy lovers and vampire lovers. (5 Stars) - Diana M.

This book [Angel of Death] is an exceptional piece of literature that captivated me from the first page until the last.

As a first published work, Karen Dales has written a mature and emotional book that you must read to

fully appreciate the brilliance of the story. I compare her work to the Crow series by Jeri Smith-Ready. (5 Stars) - Shell B.

I can't stress enough how incredible this book [Angel of Death] is, with captivating characters and an intense original

plot that pulls no punches. This book is a must have for fantasy fans! I am going to read it over and over until the pages fall out while

I wait for the next one to come in the mail! XD! (5 Stars) - Diana M.

I have to admit that paranormal/vampires are NOT my thing so I was reluctant to start this series [Changeling]. The reason I did?

The cover art caught my eye. ;) Boy, am I glad I gave this book a try!...I look forward to reading more from this author. (4 Stars) - Shay F.

I absolutely loved this novel [Changeling]. "The Boy" was so realistic, he may as well have jumped off the pages,

sat beside me, and told the story himself. The narrative flowed beautifully, verging on the poetic. The imagery was so strong,

the words fell away and I found myself in the Celtic Britain of ages past. The Changeling will keep you up way past your bedtime,

reading "just a little more" so you can find out what happens next. Karen Dales is a fantastic author. You'll be doing yourself a

favor by reading this novel -- whether you like vamp lit or not. It's just great fiction. Period. (5 Stars) - David T.

Occasionally, I read something out of my comfort zone; usually I am disappointed, but not this time...The book [Changeling] is well-written,

the descriptive passages give an excellent picture and atmosphere to support what is going on, while the plot does not go

where you might expect. It reads fluently and it is difficult to put down. Did I like it? Well, I bought the next book,

and that is rare for me outside my comfort zone, hence my star rating. (5 Stars) - I.J.M.

Vampire lovers will like The Changeling...Dales' particular talent is in writing scenes of great drama where you feel very strongly

for the characters. Her descriptions of various physical assaults are only too real, especially the maltreatment

of the boy. She's done her research of the history of the British Isles and it shows in The Changeling.

It's a good dark read for creepy autumn nights when the wind is blowing and tree branches are scratching at the window.

(4 Stars) - Nicole C.

Angel of Death by Karen Dales is a dark ride through the underbelly of immortality and

mortality. Gut-wrenching, full of wit and power, you'll be reminded of Bram Stoker's darker

side and the mythos of the whole Mercy Brown legend that started it all. Close the shades and turn off

the lights and read this on a cold and stormy night. You might have to turn on the lights again by the time it's over.

(5 Stars) - Jeanpaul F.

This book [Angel of Death] really exceeded my expectations regarding the depth and intricacy of the story. It really has

many twists and is an excellently crafted work. Also, it is hard to put down and leave the story, making it both enjoyable and easy to read.

I recommend this book to anyone regardless of the genre they usually usually read. They will find it enjoyable.

(5 Stars) - S. M.

This is a very rich novel; beautifully written. It is the kind of book that you won't want to put down--and

that you won't ever want to end. Filled with romance, mystery, deception, and surprises, Karen Dales does a wonderful job of making

the reader understand and care about the characters in her story. I was quickly drawn into the story, eagerly discovering

the secret histories of each character and wondering what choices each would make. It was easy to become

emotionally connected to them, even to the extent of becoming frustrated with some of the stubborn

and bewildering traits a few of them displayed! The main characters were quite endearing, and perhaps I became a bit too attached to them.

Angel of Death is an exhilarating story in which Karen Dales seamlessly blends beautiful descriptive pieces into a fast-paced story.

I was never bored or tempted to skim through this book--not once! I believe Angel of Death is destined to be a classic,

and would make a wonderful movie production. And, of course, I want the next book in the series to be published right now!

(5 Stars) - Dora C.

From page one you are sucked into the story that you are unable to put down until you have closed the book and still you want more.

You truly feel as tho you are there watching all this unfold. A book that you can never stop turning the page

until there are no more pages to turn.  (5 Stars) - L. G.

I found that "Shadow of Death" was by far the best in the series so far and I will certainly be devouring any future additions.

(5 Stars) - Autumn, OBS staff

Dales' characters were dark, layered and intricate. The story [Angel of Death] was fast paced and gripping with an ending that will leave

you breathless. I really loved..."The Angel." He is not your typical vampire hero. I found him to be just a little sad and misunderstood as he is

constantly torn between his own desires and protecting his people from destruction. I enjoyed the book and would

recommend it to those who love vampires but crave something out of the ordinary. (5 Stars) - Autumn, OBS staff

Good story [The Guest] and an original take on "immortality"! Don't think I've seen that done before. - D.J.F.

I’m reading Angel of Death...and having a hard time putting it down. - Dawn K.

I was enslaved by the words Karen had written. I found it difficult to leave the book [Changeling] to concentrate on

my own writing. This book is more than a vampire novel. It is a book that explores the growth of it's protagonist in a meaningful way.

Everything that happens makes sense. You won't see any whiny girls or sparkling vampires.

Instead you will see a lot of love placed in making this novel. If you like vampire stories or Fantasies

I would recommend this book. I loved this book and can't wait to read the sequel. - Stefan E.